Boletim da Sociedade Paranaense de Matemática

                  ISSN-0037-8712 (PRINT) - ISSN-2175-1188 (ONLINE)

Articles in Press

  1. A Generalized Fixed Point Theorem in Fuzzy $b-$Metric Spaces and Applications. M. Dahhouch, N. Makran and B. Marzouki

  2. Fractional Order Iterative Boundary Value Problem. M. Menchih, K. Hilal, M. Elomari and A. Kjouni

  3. On Some Closed-form Evaluations for the Generalized Hypergeometric Function. A. K. Rathie and B. R. S. Kumar

  4. Some Specific Differential Identities in $3$-prime Near-rings. A. Boua and S. Mouhssine

  5. A Numerical Calculation of Arc Length and Area Using Some Spline Quasi-interpolants. S. Saidi and A. Abbadi

  6. Nontrivial Solutions for a General $p(x)$-Laplacian Robin Problem. F. Kissi and A.R. El Amrouss

  7. New Algorithm on Linearization-Discretization Solving Systems of Nonlinear Integro-Differential Fredholm Equations. I. Sedka, S. Khellaf, S. Lemita and M. Z. Aissaoui

  8. Orbits of Random Dynamical Systems. A. Zaou, O. Benchiheb and M. Amouch

  9. Approximation and Analysis Regarding the Structure of a Multiple Variable Mapping. A. Bodaghi, M. Mosleh and H. Dutta

  10. Existence of Solutions for an Approximation of the Paneitz Problem on Spheres. K. Ould Bouh

  11. Theta Models for Daily Pandemic Data. M. Acim, M. Zahid and A. Ez-Zetouni

  12. Generalizations of 2-absorbing Primal Ideals in Commutative Rings. A. Jaber and R. Shaqbou'a

  13. Persistence and Extinction for Stochastic HBV Epidemic Model with Treatment Cure Rate. M. Sadki, A. Ez-zetouni and K. Allali

  14. Preservation Theorems of Weakly $\mu\mathcal{H}$-Countably Compact Spaces. A. Qahis and T. Noiri

  15. Three Weak Solutions for a Class of Quasilinear Choquard Equations Involving the Fractional $p(x, .)$-Laplacian Operator with Weight. H. Harcha, H. Belaouidel, O. Chakrone and N. Tsouli

  16. Three Solutions for a Discrete Fourth-Order Boundary Value Problem with Three Parameters. M. Bohner, G. Caristi, S. Heidarkhani and S. Moradi

  17. On Pencil of Bounded Linear Operators on Non-archimedean Banach Spaces. A. El amrani, J. Ettayb and A. Blali

  18. Automorphisms of Projective Manifolds. T. Aristide

  19. Existence and Ulam-Hyers Stability Results for a Class of Fractional Integro-Differential Equations Involving Nonlocal Fractional Integro-Differential Boundary Conditions. F. Haddouchi

  20. On the Solutions and Behavior of Rational Systems of Difference Equations. E. M. Elsayed and H. S. Gafel

  21. Numerical Method of the Exact Control for the Elastic String Problem with Moving Boundary. C. Moraes, M. Rincon and G. Antunes

  22. Semi-Delta-Open Sets in Topological Space. K. Singh and A. Gupta

  23. On some realizable metabelian $5$-groups. Fouad Elmouhib, Mohamed Talbi and Abdelmalek Azizi

  24. Imbeddedness and Direct Sum of Uniserial Modules. A. Hasan, Rafiquddin and M. N. Ali

  25. New Parametrization of Bertrand Partner D-curves in $\mathbb{E}^{3}$. S. Tamta and R. Shankar Gupta

  26. Existence of Solutions for Boundary Value Problems for First Order Impulsive Difference Equations. L. Bouchal and K. Mebarki and S. G. Georgiev

  27. Common Fuzzy Fixed Point Results for F-Contractive Mappings with Applications. D. Lateef

  28. Numerical Modeling of Underground Flow Through Porous Media Using a Finite Volumes Scheme. A. Charhabil, S. Jelti, J. El Ghordaf

  29. Nonparametric Estimation of the Copula Function with Bivariate Twice Censored Data. S. Toumi, M. Boukeloua, N. Idiou and F. Benatia

  30. Nonlocal Boundary Value Problems for Functional Hybrid Differential Equations Involving Generalized $\omega-$Caputo Fractional Operator. H. Malghi, K. Hilal, Ali El Mfadel and A. Qaffou

  31. A Generalization of a Result on Generating Functions of Modified Laguerre Polynomial by Using the Notion of Partial Quasibilinear Generating Function. A. Chongdar and P. Mukherjee

  32. Multiplicity of Solutions for a Nonlinear Nonlocal Problem with Variable Exponent. A. Bousgheiri and A. Ourraoui

  33. Some Common Fixed Point Results on ($\psi, \phi $)-contraction. M. C. Arya, N. Chandra and M. C. Joshi

  34. Fixed Point Results for G-F-Contractive Mappings of Hardy-Rogers Type. G. S. M. Reddy

  35. Twisted Hessian Curve Over a Local Ring. A. Chillali, A. Grini and M. B. T. Elhamam

  36. Alternative Planes and the Curves on Them. A. Has and B. Yılmaz

  37. Comparison Between Classification Algorithms Using a Multiple Correspondence Analysis with Python. L. Ahlam and M. Soundes

  38. A Generalization of the Regular Function Modulo $n$. B. Alkhamaiseh

  39. Solution of Infinite System of Fourth Order Differential Equations in $\ell_{p}$ Space. T. Jalal and A. H. Jan

  40. Calderon's Reproducing Formula for Bessel Wavelet Transforms. C. P. Pandey and Pranami Phukan

  41. About a New Nonlinear Integro-Differential Equation of Volterra-Strum-Liouville Type with a Weakly Singular Kernel. D. Mezhoud, M. Benssaad, S. Lemita and A. Khellaf

  42. $\mathscr{T}$-Commuting Generalized Derivations on Ideals and Semi-Prime Ideal. Nadeem ur Rehman and Hafedh M. Alnoghashi

  43. A Note on a Kirchhoff type Boundary Value Problem Involving Riemann-Liouville Fractional Derivative. M. A. Alyami, H. M. Alhirabi and A. Ghanm

  44. Analyticity for the Fractional Navier-Stokes Equations in Critical Fourier-Besov-Morrey Spaces with Variable Exponents. F. Ouidirne, C. Allalou and M. Oukessou

  45. A Fixed Point Theorem for Weak ($\psi$ - $\phi$)-Jaggi Type Contraction. Pankaj and Manoj Kumar

  46. Stability Analysis of Nonlinear Riemann-Liouville Fractional Differential Equations. S. Yessad, K. Ali Khelil, A. Ardjouni and A. Lachouri

  47. Impulsive Fractional Dynamic Equation with Non-local Initial Condition on Time Scales. B. Gogoi, U. K. Saha and B. Hazarika

  48. Further Results on the Hop Domination Number of a Graph. D. Anusha, S. Joseph Robin and J. John

  49. Global Existence and Blow-up of Solutions for a Class of Steklov Parabolic Problems. A. Lamaizi, A. Zerouali, O. Chakrone and B. Karim

  50. Between Strongly $\theta$-continuous and Weakly Continuous Functions. A. Al-Omar

  51. Applications of $L_{gfs}$-closed Sets In Mixed Fuzzy Soft Ideal Topological Spaces. M. M. Hoque, J. Chakraborty, B. Bhattacharya and B. C. Tripathy

  52. Common Fixed Point and Common Coupled Fixed Point Theorems for Weakly Monotone Mappings. E. Prajisha and P. Shaini

  53. Three weak solutions for a class of fourth order $p(x)$-Kirchhoff type problem with Leray-Lions operators. K. Soualhine, M. Filali, M. Talbi and N. Tsouli

  54. Derivation Alternator Rings with $ S(a,b,c) = 0 $. Dr. P. Sarada Devi, Dr. K. Hari Babu, Dr. Y. Suresh Kumar

  55. Stability Analysis of a Delayed SEIRQ Epidemic Model with Diffusion. E. Anaama, C. Allalou and K. Hilal

  56. Existence of Solutions for Elliptic Systems Involving the Fractional $p(x)$-Laplacian. H. Lalili