Boletim da Sociedade Paranaense de Matemática

3ş Série. Vol. 38, 1, 2020.                  ISSN-0 037-8712 (PRINT) - ISSN-2175-1188 (ONLINE)

Research Articles

  1. On Bäcklund and Ribaucour Transformations for Hyperbolic Linear Weingarten Surfaces. Claudiano Goulart

  2. Approximation Properties of Modified Srivastava-Gupta Operators Based on Certain Parameter. Alok Kumar and Vandana

  3. Cauchy Representation of Fractional Fourier Transform for Boehmians. A. Singh and P.K. Banerji

  4. Existence of Solution for Nonlinear Fourth-order Three-point Boundary Value Problem. Z. Bekri and S. Benaicha

  5. Oscillation Criteria for Generalized Liénard Type System. T. Kasbi, V. Roomi and A. J. Akbarfam

  6. Hermite-Hadamard Type Inequalities for Generalized Convex Functions on Fractal Sets Style M. Tomar, P. Agarwal and J. Choi

  7. Lacunary Statistical and Lacunary Strongly Convergence of Generalized Difference Sequences in Intuitionistic Fuzzy Normed Linear Spaces. Mausumi Sen and Mikail Et

  8. Generalized Contraction Mappings of Rational Type and Applications to Nonlinear Integral Equations. J. R. Morales, E.M. Rojas and R.K. Bisht

  9. Variational Analysis to Fourth-order Impulsive Differential Equationsg. S. Shokooh

  10. Note on $p_1$-Lindelöf Spaces Which are not Contra Second Countable Spaces in Bitopology. S. Acharjee, K. Papadopoulos and B. C. Tripathy

  11. On Some Variant of a Whittaker Integral Operator and its Representative in a Class of Square Integrable Boehmianss. S. K. Q. Al-Omari

  12. On Primitive $\mathbb{Z}_p$-algebra. Ameer Jaber

  13. Some Results on the Projective Cone Normed Tensor Product Spaces Over Banach Algebras. Das, Goswami and Mishra

  14. Construction For Fluid Flows Of Tangent Spherical Indicatrix By Flows. Talat Körpinar and Vedat Asil

  15. Invariant Einstein Metrics on Generalized Flag Manifolds of $Sp(n)$ and $SO(2n)$. L. A. Alves and N. P. Da Silva

3ş Série. Vol. 38, 2, 2020.

Research Articles

  1. A New Generalization of Confluent Hypergeometric Function and Whittaker Function. N.U. Khan, T. Usman and M. Ghayasuddin

  2. Smarandache Curves for Spherical Indicatrix of the Bertrand Curves Pair. Süleyman Senyurt, Yasin Altun and Ceyda Cevahir

  3. One Sided Generalized $(\sigma,\tau)$-derivations on Rings. Evrim Guven

  4. On Fully-Convex Harmonic Functions and their Extension. Shahpour Nosrati and Ahmad Zireh

  5. Convergence of Approximate Solution of Mixed Hammerstein Type Integral Equations. M. Nosrati Sahlan

  6. R-prime Numbers of Degree k Abdelhakim Chillali

  7. Convergence of a Series Leading to an Analogue of Ramanujan's Assertion on Squarefree Inetegers. G. Sudhaamsh Mohan Reddy, S. Srinivas Rau and B. Uma

  8. Regular Classes Involving a Generalized Shift Plus Fractional Hornich Integral Operator. Rabha W. Ibrahim

  9. Existence of Solution of Urysohn Integral Equation Through Generalized Contractive Mapping. O. P. Chauhan, D. Singh, V. Joshi, M. S. Rathore

  10. New Characterization of $\mathcal{D-}$ Focal Curves in Minkowski 3-space. Talat Körpinar, Selcuk Basr and Vedat Asil

  11. On Euler Type Integrals Involving Extended Mittag-Leffler Functions. E. Mittal, S. Joshi, R. M. Pandey

  12. Invariants of First Order Partial Differential Equations. Lizandro Sanchez Challapa

  13. Almost Semicontinuous Multifunctions via Ideals. R. Saritha and N. Rajesh

  14. On a Nonlinear System Arising in a Theory of Thermal Explosion. S.H. Rasoul

  15. Existence of Three Solutions to the Discrete Fourth-order Boundary Value Problem with Four Parameters. M.Ousbika and Z. El Allali

Articles in Press

  1. Stabilities and Non-stabilities of the Reciprocal-nonic and the Reciprocal-decic Functional Equations. A. Bodaghi, B. V. Senthil Kumar and J. M. Rassias

  2. Tarig Projected Differential Transform Method to Solve Fractional Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations. M. Bagyalakshmi and G. SaiSundarakrishnan

  3. Serret-Frenet Formulas for Octonionic Curves. Ö. Bektaş and S. Yüce

  4. Spectral Mapping Theorem for $C_0$-Semigroups of Drazin Spectrum. Abdelaziz Tajmouati and Hamid Boua

  5. Approximate Essential Character Amenability of Banach Algebras. B. Shojaee

  6. Nonresonance Conditions on the Potential for a Nonlinear Nonautonomous Neumann Problem A. Sanhaji and A. Dakkak

  7. Iterated Function Systems: Transitivity and Minimality. Parham, Ghane and Ehsani

  8. Some Novel Newton-Type Methods for Solving Nonlinear Equations. M. Bisheh-Niasar and A. Saadatmandi

  9. Approximation of the Jensen Type Rational Functional Equation by a Fixed Point Technique. B. V. Senthil Kumar and A. Bodaghi

  10. On the M-hypercyclicity of Cosine Function on Banach Spaces. A. Tajmouati, A. El Bakkali and A. Toukmati

  11. Variations on Statistical Quasi Cauchy Sequences. H. Cakalli

  12. A Topological Conjugacy of Invariant Flows on Some Class of Lie Groups. A. J. Santana and S. N. Stelmastchuk

  13. Fixed Points of Multivalued Contractions Via Generalized Class of Simulation Functions. Deepesh Kumar Patel

  14. Error Analysis of the Numerical Solution of the Benjamin-Bona-Mahony-Burgers Equation. M. Zarebnia and R. Parvaz

  15. Elliptic Curves Over the Ring R. A. Boulbot, A. Chillali, A. Mouhib

  16. Unified Common Fixed Point Theorems in Complex Valued Metric Spaces Via an Implicit Relation With Applications. W.M. Alfaqih, M. Imdad and F. Rouzkard

  17. Multiplicity Results for Kirchhoff Type Elliptic Problems with Hardy Potential. M. Bagheri and G. A. Afrouzi

  18. New Approach for Accelerating Nonlinear Schwarz Iterations. N. Nagid and H. Belhadj

  19. Infinitely Many Solutions for Nonlocal Problems with Variable Exponent and Nonhomogeneous Neumann Condition. S. Heidarkhani, A. L. A. De Araujo and A. Salari

  20. Operational Shifted Hybrid Gegenbauer Functions Method for Solving Multi-term Time Fractional Differential Equations. N. Seyedi and H. Saeedi

  21. A Posteriori Error Estimates for the Generalized Overlapping Domain Decomposition Method for Parabolic Equation With Mixed Boundary Condition S. Boulaaras, K. Habita and M. Haiour

  22. On the Capitulation of the $2$-ideal Classes of the Field $\mathbb{Q}(\sqrt{p_1p_2q}, i)$ of Type $(2, 2, 2)$. A. Azizi, A. Zekhnini and M. Taous

  23. The Distance From the Holomorphically Decomposable Fredholm Spectrum. A. Tajmouati, A. El Bakkali and M.B. Mohamed Ahmed

  24. A Study on a Class of Modified Bessel - Type Integrals in a Fréchet Space of Boehmians. S. K. Q. Al-Omari

  25. The Maximum Norm Analysis of a Nonmatching Grids Method for a Class of Parabolic Equation. S. Boulaaras, M.C. Bahi, M. Haiour and A. Zarai

  26. On Sextic Integral Bases Using Relative Quadratic Extention. M. Sahmoudi and A. Soullami

  27. Separated and State-Constrained Separated Linear Programming Problems on Time Scales. R. Al-Salih and M. Bohner

  28. Multiple Solutions for a Critical $p(x)$-Kirchhoff Type Equations. N. Tsouli, M. Haddaoui and EL. M. Hssini

  29. A Note on Super Integral Rings. R. K. Nath

  30. On a Positive Solution for $(p,q)$-Laplace Equation with Nonlinear Boundary Conditions and Indefinite Weights. A. Zerouali, B. Karim, O. Chakrone, A. Boukhsas

  31. $L_r$-biharmonic hypersurfaces in $\mathbb{E}^4$. A. Mohammadpouri and F.Pashaie

  32. New Notions in Ideal Topological Space. C. Santhini and M. Suganya

  33. Common Fixed Point Results for Various Mappings in Fuzzy Metric Spaces with Application. Manish Jain, Neetu Gupta and Sanjay Kumar

  34. Stability in Mixed Linear Delay Levin-Nohel Integro-dynamic Equations on Time Scales. K. Ali Khelil, A. Ardjouni and A. Djoudi

  35. Dynamical Analysis of an Innovation Diffusion Model with Evaluation Period. R. Kumar, A. K. Sharma and K. Agnihotri

  36. A Variation on Absolute Weighted Mean Summability Factors of Fourier Series and its Conjugate Series. Şebnem YILDIZ

  37. Spectral Inclusions Between $\alpha$-times Integrated Semigroups and Their Generators. A. Tajmouati, A. El Bakkali and M.B. Mohamed Ahmed

  38. On a Nonlinear PDE Involving Weighted $p$-Laplacian. A. El Khalil, M.D. Morchid Alaoui, M. Laghzal and A. Touzani

  39. Numerical Simulations of Two Components Ecological Models with Sinc Collocation Method. A. Barati and A. Atabaigi

  40. Euler Type Integral Operator Involving k-Mittag-Leffler Function. W. A. Khan, K.S. Nisar and M. Ahmad

  41. Three Weak Solutions for a Class of Neumann Boundary Value Systems Involving the $(p_1,\ldots,p_n)$-Laplacian. A. Hadjian

  42. Boundedness and Convergence Analysis of Stochastic Differential Equations with Hurst Brownian Motion. Davood Ahmadian and Omid Farkhondeh Rouz

  43. Nano Topology Induced by Lattices. M. Lellis Thivagar and V.Sutha Devi

  44. A New Differential Operator of Analytic Functions Involving Binomial Series. B. A. Frasin

  45. $C^{*}$-algebras Generated by Isometries and True Representations. Mamoon Ahmed

  46. A Class of Strongly Close-to-Convex Functions. R. K. Raina, P. Sharma and J. Sokół

  47. A Covering Property with respect to Generalized Preopen Sets. A. Mukharjee

  48. Some Properties of a Class of Analytic Functions Involving a New Generalized Differential Operator. A. A. Amourah and Feras Yousef

  49. Some Fixed and Common Fixed Point Results in $G$-Metric Spaces Which Can't be Obtained From Metric Spaces. W. Shatanawi and K. Abodayeh

  50. The Image of Jordan Left Derivations on Algebras. Amin Hosseini and Ajda Fošner

  51. Derivations with Invertible Values in Flexible Algebras. G. Lakshmi Devi and K. Jayalakshmi

  52. Unified Integrals Involving Product of Multivariable Polynomials and Generalized Bessel Functions. K. S. Nisar, D. L. Suthar, S. D. Purohit, H. Amsalu

  53. Reidemeister Classes for Coincidences Between Sections of a Fiber Bundle. D. Penteado and T. F. V. Paiva

  54. Existence of Solutions for Some Strongly Nonlinear Parabolic Problems Involving Lower Order Terms in Divergence Form in Musielak-Orlicz Spaces. Abdeslam Talha and Abdelmoujib Benkirane

  55. Convergence of a Two-parameter Family of Conjugate Gradient Methods with a Fixed Formula of Stepsize. K. Bouaziz and Y. Laskri

  56. Approximation of Signals by General Matrix Summability with Effects of Gibbs Phenomenon. B. B. Jena, Lakshmi Narayan Mishra, S. K. Paikray and U. K. Misra

  57. Stability Analysis of Linear Conformable Fractional Differential Equations System with Time Delays. V. Mohammadnezhad, M. Eslami, and H. Rezazadeh

  58. On the Regularity of Solutions to the Poisson Equation in Musielak-Orlicz Spaces. A. Benkirane, D. S. Mohamed and M. A. Khellou

  59. Martindale's Like Results in Inverse Semirings. S. Sara, M. Aslam, M. Yaqoub

  60. Existence of Entropy Solutions in Musielak-Orlicz Spaces Via a Sequence of Penalized Equations. M. Elmassoudi, A. Aberqi and J. Bennouna

  61. $n$-absorbing and Strongly $n$-absorbing Second Submodules. H. Ansari-Toroghy, F. Farshadifar, and S. Maleki-Roudposhti

  62. Submanifolds of a Conformal Sasakian Manifold. E. Abedi and M. Ilmakchi

  63. Simulations Functions and Geraghty Type Results. S. Chandok, A. Chanda, L.K. Dey, M. Pavlović, S. Radenović

  64. Finitely Generated Rings Obtain From Hyperrings Through the Fundamental Relations. S. Mirvakili, P. Ghiasvand and B. Davvaz

  65. Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Semigroup on the Dual Space of Gelfand-Shilov Spaces of Beurling Type. Hamed M. Obiedat and Lloyd Edgar S. Moyo

  66. Igusa-Todorov Function on Path Rings. Gustavo Mata

  67. Marichev-Saigo-Maeda Fractional Integral Operators Involving the Product of Generalized Bessel-Maitland Functions. D. L. Suthar, P. Agarwal and Hafte Amsalu

  68. On Representation Dimension of Tame Cluster Tilted Algebras. Gonzalez Chaio and S. Trepode

  69. The $q$-difference Operator Associated with the Multivalent Function Bounded by Conical Sections. C. Ramachandran, S. Annamalai and B. A. Frasin

  70. Involute-Evolute D-Curves in Minkowski 3-Space $E_{1}^{3}$. F. Almaz and M. A. Külahci

  71. Hausdorff Measure of Noncompactness of Matrix Mappings on Cesŕro Spaces. G. C. Hazar and M. A. Sarigöl

  72. Strong Convergence Theorems for Strongly Monotone Mappings in Banach spaces. M. O. Aibinu and O. T. Mewomo

  73. On Ternary Left Almost Semigroups. Pairote Yiarayong

  74. A Study on Local Properties of Fourier Series. Hikmet Seyhan Özarslan

  75. A Multilevel Local Mesh Refinement with the PCD Method. A. Tahiri

  76. Binary Relation for Tripled Fixed Point Theorem in Metric Spaces. Animesh Gupta and Vandana Rai

  77. A New Characterization of $PSL(3,q)$. S. Asgary

  78. Topological Degree Methods for Partial Differential Operators in Generalized Sobolev Spaces. M. Ait Hammou, E. Azroul and B. Lahmi

  79. Solution to Linear KdV and Nonlinear Space Fractional PDEs. A. Aghili

  80. On Spaces of Periodic Functions with Wavelet Transforms. B. Kalita and S. K. Singh

  81. Coefficient Estimates for a New Subclass of Analytic and Bi-Univalent Functions by Hadamard Product E. Analouei Adegani, A. Zireh and M. Jafari

  82. A New Construction on the Energy of Space Curves in Unit Vector Fields in Minkowski Space $\mathbb{E}_{2}^{4}$. T. Korpinar and R.C. Demirkol

  83. New Types of Soliton Solutions for Space-time Fractional Cubic Nonlinear Schrodinger Equation. A. Neirameh, M. Eslami and M. Mehdipoor

  84. Characterization of the $w-$Tempered Ultradistributions. Abu-Falahah and H. M. Obiedat

  85. Aplicaçőes da Teoria de Lie Ŕ Geometria Simplética. E. Gasparim e C. Varea

  86. New Results on the Blow-up of Solutions in $L^2$ at Finite Time $\ln T_1^{\ast}$ for a Damped Emden-Fowler Type Degenerate Wave Equation. K. Zennir and S. G. Georgiev

  87. Some Common Fixed Point Theorems for Four Self-Mappings Satisfying a General Contractive Condition. M. Kumar, R.Sharma and S. Araci

  88. On Exact Sequences and Strict Bounded Group Homomorphisms. Dinamérico P. Pombo Jr

  89. Solvability of Bigeometric Differential Equations by Numerical Methods. Khirod Boruah, Bipan and A. E. Bashirov

  90. Mapping Properties of Certain Linear Operator Associated with Hypergeometric Functions. T. Panigrahi and R. El-Ashwah

  91. $g_{\Delta_{\mu}^*}-$Closed Sets in Generalized Topological Spaces. P. Jeyanthi, P. Nalayini and T. Noiri

  92. Zariski Topology on the Spectrum of Graded Pseudo Prime Submodules. R. Abu-Dawwas

  93. Graded Semiprime Multiplication Modules. R. Abu-Dawwas

  94. The Generators of $3$-class Group of Some Fields of Degree $6$ Over $\mathbb{Q}$. S. Aouissi, M.C. Ismaili, M. Talbi, A. Azizi

  95. On The Existence of Positive Solutions for a Local Fractional Boundary Value Problem with an Integral Boundary Condition. A. Ahmadkhanlu

  96. Some Fixed and Periodic Point Results for Generalized Contractions on Partial Ordered Metric Space with Applications in Metric Space M. Jaradat, J. Ahmad, C.Park, Z. Mustafa

  97. The Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Wavelet Frames in Sobolev Space Over Local Fields. Ashish Pathak, Dileep Kumar and Guru P. Singh

  98. Existence of a Renormalized Solution of Nonlinear Parabolic Equations with Lower Order Term and General Measure Data. A. Marah A. Bouajaja and H. Redwane

  99. On Generalized Drazin-Riesz Operators. A. Tajmouati and M. Abkari

  100. Weakly $\mu$-Compact Via a Hereditary Class. A. Qahis, H. H. AlJarrah and T. Noiri

  101. A New Partial Differential Equation for Image Inpainting. M. Benseghir, F.Z. Nouri and P.C. Tauber

  102. On Connection Between the Order of a Stationary One-Dimensional Dispersive Equation and the Growth of its Convective Term. N. A. Larkin and J. Luchesi

  103. Residual Power Series Method for Solving Nonlinear Reaction-diffusion-convection Problems. M. Khader and M. DarAssi

  104. Multiplicative Sum Zagreb Index of Splice, Bridge, and Bridge-Cycle Graphs. M. Azari

  105. Certain Results on Lorentzian Para-Kenmotsu Manifolds. A. Haseeb and R. Prasad

  106. On the Uniform Ergodic for $\alpha-$times Integrated Semigroups. A. Tajmouati, A. El Bakkali, F. Barki and M. A. Ould Mohamed Baba

  107. Extremal Number of Theta Graphs of Order $7$. M. Jaradat, M.S. Bataineh, A.A. Al-Rhayyel, Z. Mustafa

  108. Efficient Procedure to Generate Generalized Gaussian Noise Using Linear Spline Tools. A. Monir, H. Mraoui and A. El Hilali

  109. On Graded Quasi-primary Submodules of Graded Modules Over Graded Commutative Rings. K. Al-Zoubi and R. Alkhalaf

  110. Symmetric Generalized Biderivations on Prime Rings. F. Shujat

  111. Simplifying Coefficients in Differential Equations Related to Generating Functions of Reverse Bessel and Partially Degenerate Bell Polynomials. F. Qi

  112. Multi-valued Fixed Point Theorem via F-contraction of Nadler Type and Application to Functional and Integral Equations. M. Shoaib, M. Sarwar and P. Kumam

  113. On Several New Laplace Transforms of Generalized Hypergeometric Functions $_2F_{2}(x)$. A. O. Mohammed, M. A. Rakha, M. M. Awad, A. K. Rathie

  114. Various Contractions in Generalized Metric Space. S. Rathee, K. Dhingra and A. Kumar

  115. A Pair of Generalized Derivations in Prime, Semiprime Rings and in Banach Algebras. Basudeb Dhara, Venus Rahmani and Shervin Sahebi

  116. An Efficient Numerical Method Based on Variational Iteration Method for Solving the Kuramoto-Sivashinsky Equations. A. Hosseini

  117. Initial Coefficient Bounds for a Subclass of m-fold Symmetric Bi-univalent Functions. A. Zireh and S. Hajiparvaneh

  118. A Characterization of Ordered $\Gamma$-semigroups by Ordered $(m, n)$-$\Gamma$-ideals. M. Y. Abbasi, A. Basar and A. Ali

  119. Darboux Curves in Lorentzian Three Dimensional Heisenberg Group. Gülden Altay Suroğlu and Talat Körpinar

  120. A Number of Limit Cycle of Sextic Polynomial Differential Systems via the Averaging Theory. A. Menaceur and S. Boulaaras

  121. Novel Models for Obtaining the Closest Weak and Strong Efficient Projections in Data Envelopment Analysis. J. Vakili, H. Amirmoshiri and M .K. Mirnia

  122. Additivity of Maps Preserving Triple Product on $\ast$-ring. A. Taghavi, M. Razeghi, M. Nouri, V. Darvish and C. Li

  123. Dynamics and Stability of $\psi$-fractional Pantograph Equations with Boundary Conditions. K. Shah, D. Vivek and K. Kanagarajan

  124. Synchronization of Different Dimensions Fractional-Order Chaotic Systems with Uncertain Parameters and Secure Communication. V. Vafaei, H. Kheiri and A. Jodayree Akbarfam

  125. A New Proof of Classical Dixon's Summation Theorem for the Series ${}_{3}F_{2}(1)$. S. Jun, I. Kim and A. Rathie

  126. On a New Class of Double Integrals Involving Gauss's ${}_{2}F_{1}$ Hypergeometric Function. Sungtae Jun

  127. Existence Results Involving Fractional Liouville Derivative. A. Ghanmi and M. Althobaiti

  128. On The New Type Of Solutions To Benney-Luke Equation. Hami Gündogdu and Ömer Faruk Gözükizil

  129. On $\delta$- Lorentzian Trans Sasakian Manifold With A Semi-Symmetric Metric Connection. M. D. Siddiqi

  130. On the Solution of an f(R) Theory of Gravity Motivated by Gravitational Waves in Spherically Symmetric Spacetime. A. M. Mishra

  131. Existence of Some Classes of $N(k)$-quasi Einstein Manifolds. S. K. Chaubey, K. K. Bhaishya and M. Danish Siddiqi

  132. Smarandache Curves of Bertrand Curves Pair According to Frenet Frame. S. Şenyurt, A. Çaliçkan and Ü. Çelik

  133. On Nonspreading-Type Mappings in Hadamard Spaces. G. C. Ugwunnadi, C. Izuchukwu and O. T. Mewomo

  134. Infinitely Many Solutions for a Nonlocal Elliptic System of $(p_1,\ldots,p_n)$-Kirchhoff Type with Critical Exponent. G. A. Afrouzi, G. Caristi, and A. Salari

  135. On the Derivative of a Polynomial. E. Khojastehnezhad and M. Bidkham

  136. Chaotic Optimization Algorithm Based on the Modified Probability Density Function of Lozi Map. R. Bououden and M. S. Abdelouahab

  137. Existence Results on Nonlinear Fractional Differential Inclusions. H. Mohammadi

  138. Existence and Decay of Solution to Coupled System of Viscoelastic Wave Equations with Strong Damping in $\mathbb{R}^n$. Fateh Ellaggoune and Keltoum Bouhali

  139. Existence Results For Some Nonlinear Degenerate Problems In The Anisotropic Spaces. M. Boukhrij, B. Aharrouch, J. Bennouna and A. Aberqi

  140. A New Class of Fredholm Integral Equations of the Second Kind with Non Symmetric Kernel: Solving by Wavelets Method. A. Mennouni, N. Ramdani, Kh. Zennir

  141. Renormalized Solutions for Some Nonlinear Nonhomogeneous Elliptic Problems with Neumann Boundary Conditions and Right Hand Side Measure. E. Azroul, M. B. Benboubker, R. Bouzyani and H. Chrayteh

  142. Analysis of Estimators for Stokes Problem Using a Mixed Approximation. A. El Akkad, A. Elkhalfi

  143. A Sequence Involving an Extended Struve Function Via a Differential Operator. G. Singh, P. Agarwal and J. Choi

  144. A Three-term Recurrence Formula for the Generalized Bernoulli Polynomials. M. A. Boutiche, G. Guettai, M. Rahmani and M. Sebaoui

  145. Some Remarks on Contraction Mappings in Rectangular b-metric Spaces. Z. D. Mitrović, R. George and N. Hussain

  146. General Decay of Solutions of a Thermoelastic Bresse System with Viscoelastic Boundary Conditions. A. Khemmoudj

  147. Fixed Point Theorems for Generalized $\beta-\phi-$contractive Pair of Mappings Using Simulation Functions. Manoj Kumar, Rashmi Sharma

  148. Extending the Applicability of Newton's and Secant Methods Under Regular Smoothness. I. K. Argyros, S. George and S. M. Erappa

  149. On Generalized Weakly Symmetric Kenmotsu Manifolds. K. K. Baishya and P. R. Chowdhury

  150. Direct Method for Solution Variational Problems by using Hermite Polynomials. A. Yari and M. Mirnia

  151. A Note on Machine Method for Root Extraction. S. Gadtia and S. K. Padhan

  152. Existence and Multiplicity of Solutions for a p(x)-biharmonic Problem with Neumann Boundary Conditions. A. R. El Amrouss, F. Moradi and M. Moussaoui

  153. Existence of Positive Solutions of Hadamard Fractional Differential Equations with Integral Boundary Conditions. A. Berhail and N. Tabouche

  154. Hölder Regularity for Degenerate Parabolic Equations with Variable Exponents. H. EL Bahja

  155. Some Remarks on Multivalent Functions of Higher-order Derivatives. M. K. Aouf and A. Y. Lashin

  156. On Submanifolds of Sasakian Statistical Manifolds. M. B. Kazemi Balgeshir

  157. On Smallest (generalized) Ideals and Semilattices of (2,2)-regular Non-associative Ordered Semigroups. F. Yousafzai, M. M. Khalaf and M. D. Zia

  158. Dynamics and Bifurcations of a Ratio-dependent Predator-prey Model. P. Azizi and R. Khoshsiar Ghaziani

  159. On a Class Of $h$-Fourier Integral Operators With The Complex Phase. C. Harrat

  160. On Composition Operators of Fibonacci Matrix and Applications of Hausdorff Measure of Noncompactness. A. Das, B. Hazarika, E. E. Kara and F. Baş$ar

  161. Theorems on Analogous of Ramanujan's Remarkable Product of Theta-Function and Their Explicit Evaluations. B. N. Dharmendra and S. Vasanth Kumar

  162. On the Extremal Solutions of Superlinear Helmholtz Problems. M. Dammak, M. El Ghord and S. Kharrati

  163. On Parallel $\mathbf{p}$-equidistant Ruled Surfaces by Using Mofied Orthogonal Frame with Curvature in $\mathbb{E}^{3}$. M. T. Sariaydin, T. Körpinar and V. Asil

  164. Existence Results for Nonlinear Problems with $\varphi$- Laplacian Operators and Nonlocal Boundary Conditions. D. P. Dallos Santos

  165. Fractional Calculus Operators Pertaining to Multivariable Aleph-function. D. Kumar and F.Y. Ayant