Boletim da Sociedade Paranaense de Matemática

                  ISSN-0 037-8712 (PRINT) - ISSN-2175-1188 (ONLINE)

Articles in Press

  1. A Note on Machine Method for Root Extraction. S. Gadtia and S. K. Padhan

  2. Existence and Multiplicity of Solutions for a p(x)-biharmonic Problem with Neumann Boundary Conditions. A. R. El Amrouss, F. Moradi and M. Moussaoui

  3. Existence of Positive Solutions of Hadamard Fractional Differential Equations with Integral Boundary Conditions. A. Berhail and N. Tabouche

  4. Hölder Regularity for Degenerate Parabolic Equations with Variable Exponents. H. EL Bahja

  5. Some Remarks on Multivalent Functions of Higher-order Derivatives. M. K. Aouf and A. Y. Lashin

  6. On Submanifolds of Sasakian Statistical Manifolds. M. B. Kazemi Balgeshir

  7. On Smallest (generalized) Ideals and Semilattices of (2,2)-regular Non-associative Ordered Semigroups. F. Yousafzai, M. M. Khalaf and M. D. Zia

  8. Dynamics and Bifurcations of a Ratio-dependent Predator-prey Model. P. Azizi and R. Khoshsiar Ghaziani

  9. On a Class Of $h$-Fourier Integral Operators With The Complex Phase. C. Harrat

  10. On Composition Operators of Fibonacci Matrix and Applications of Hausdorff Measure of Noncompactness. A. Das, B. Hazarika, E. E. Kara and F. Başar

  11. Theorems on Analogous of Ramanujan's Remarkable Product of Theta-Function and Their Explicit Evaluations. B. N. Dharmendra and S. Vasanth Kumar

  12. On the Extremal Solutions of Superlinear Helmholtz Problems. M. Dammak, M. El Ghord and S. Kharrati

  13. On Parallel $\mathbf{p}$-equidistant Ruled Surfaces by Using Mofied Orthogonal Frame with Curvature in $\mathbb{E}^{3}$. M. T. Sariaydin, T. Körpinar and V. Asil

  14. Existence Results for Nonlinear Problems with $\varphi$- Laplacian Operators and Nonlocal Boundary Conditions. D. P. Dallos Santos

  15. Fractional Calculus Operators Pertaining to Multivariable Aleph-function. D. Kumar and F.Y. Ayant

  16. Some Classes of 3-Dimensional Trans-Sasakian Manifolds with Respect to Semi-Symmetric Metric Connection. S. Pahan

  17. (Jordan) Derivation on Amalgamated Duplication of a Ring Along an Ideal. K. Louartiti, A Mamouni and M. Tamekkante

  18. Errata to the paper ``On Exact Sequences and Strict Bounded Group Homomorphisms''. . Dinamérico P. Pombo Jr.

  19. On the Numerical Solutions for Nonlinear Volterra-Fredholm Integral Equations. P. Darania and S. Pishbin

  20. Characterizing Inequalities for Contact CR-warped Product Submanifolds of Generalized Sasakian Space Forms Admitting a Nearly Cosymplectic Structure. M. A. Khan

  21. Topological Rank of (-1, 1) Metabelian Algebras K. Jayalakshmi and K.Hari Babu

  22. Construction of a Normalized Basis of a Univariate Quadratic $C^1$ Spline Space and Application to the Quasi-interpolation. A. Rahouti, A. Serghini and A. Tijini

  23. Solving Fractional Differential Equations by the Ultraspherical Integration Method. A. Khani and S. Panahi

  24. Fractional Hartley Transform on $G$-Boehmian Space. R. Roopkumar and C. Ganeasn

  25. Algebraic Extension of $\mathcal{A}^{*}_{n}$ Operator. Ilmi Hoxha and Naim L. Braha

  26. Elliptic Curve Over a Finite Ring Generated by 1 and an Idempotent Element $e$ with Coefficients in the Finite Field $\mathbb{F}_{3^d}$. A. Boulbot, A. Chillali and A. Mouhib

  27. One Solution For Nonlocal Fourth Order Equations. G. A. Afrouzi, D. Barilla, G. Caristi and S. Moradi

  28. An Inverse Source Problem For a Two Terms Time-fractional Diffusion Equation. F. Dib and M. Kirane

  29. Multifractal Dimensions for Projections of Measures. B. Selmi

  30. A New Optimal Control Technique for Solution of HIV Infection Model. M. Najafi and H. Basirzadeh

  31. An Ideal-based Cozero-divisor Graph. H. Ansari-Toroghy, F. Farshadifar, and F. Mahboobi-Abkenar

  32. Generalization of Hartshorne's Connectedness Theorem. Dawood Hassanzadeh-lelekaami

  33. Numerical Solution of Time-fractional Telegraph Equation by Using a New Class of Orthogonal Polynomials. F. Mohammadi, H. Hassani

  34. Note on the Fractional Mittag-Leffler Functions by Applying the Modified Riemann-Liouville Derivatives. A. Kiliçman and W. Saleh

  35. Multiple Solutions for a Class of Bi-nonlocal Problems with Nonlinear Neumann Boundary Conditions. Ghasem A. Afrouzi, Z. Naghizadeh and N. T. Chung

  36. Certain Results Associated with Hybrid Relatives of the $q$-Sheffer Sequences S. Khan and T. Nahid

  37. Subdivisions of the Spectra for $D(r,0,s,0,t)$ Operator on Certain Sequence Spaces. A. Paul and B. Chandra Tripathy

  38. The Unique Solution of Some Operator Equations With an Application for Fractional Differential Equations. H. Afshari and L. Khoshvaghti

  39. Some Results on The Existence of Weak Periodic Solutions For Quasilinear Parabolic Systems With $L^{1}$ Data. A. Charkaoui, G. Kouadri and N. E. Alaa

  40. The Maximum Norm Analysis of a Nonmatching Grids Method for a Class of Parabolic $p(x)$-Laplacian Equation. S. Otmani, S. Boulaaras and A. Allahem

  41. Design and Analysis of a Faster King-Werner-type Derivative Free Method. J. R. Sharma, I. K. Argyros and D. Kumar

  42. Existence and Multiplicity of Solutions for Anisotropic Elliptic Equations. A. R. El Amrouss and A. El Mahraoui

  43. Optimal Correction of Infeasible Equations System as $ Ax+B\vert x\vert=b $ Using $\ell_{p}$-norm Regularization. F. Hashemi and S. Ketabchi

  44. Existence of Positive Solutions of Kirchhoff Hyperbolic Systems With Multiple Parameters. M. Maizi, S. Boulaaras, A. Mansour and M. Haiour

  45. On Certain Subclasses of Multivalent Functions with Varying Arguments of Coefficients. S. Owa, M. K. Aouf and H. M. Zayed

  46. Existence of a Renormalized Solution of Nonlinear Parabolic Equations With General Measure Data. A. Marah and H. Redwane

  47. The Equality of Hochschild Cohomology Group and Module Cohomology Group for Semigroup Algebras. E. Nasrabadi

  48. Existence of Solutions of a Quasilinear Problem With Neumann Boundary Conditions. S. Lecheheb, H. Lakhal and M. Maouni

  49. Three Robust Edges Stopping Functions For Image Denoising. H. Rezgui, M. Maouni, M. L. Hadji and G. Touil

  50. Three Nontrivial Solutions of Boundary Value Problems for Semilinear $\Delta_{\gamma}-$Laplace Equation. D. T. Luyen and L. T. H. Hanh

  51. Spectral Inclusions Between $C_0$-quasi-semigroups and Their Generators. A. Tajmouati, Y. Zahouan and M.A. Ould Mohamed Baba

  52. On Semi-Symmetric and Locally Symmetric Submanifolds of Conformal Kenmotsu Manifolds. R. Abdi

  53. Full Discretization to an Hyperbolic Equation with Nonlocal Coefficient. M. Djaghout, A. Chaoui and Kh. Zennir

  54. Three Methods to Solve Two Classes of Integral Equations of the Second Kind. H. Chebbah, A. Mennouni and Kh. Zennir

  55. Zeroth-order General Randić Index of Trees. T. Vetrík and S. Balachandran

  56. Existence and Uniqueness of Renormalized Solution for Nonlinear Parabolic Equations in Musielak Orlicz Spaces. A. Aberqi and J. Bennouna and M. Elmassoudi

  57. Properties of a Certain Class of Multivalent Functions. M. K. Aouf, A. O. Mostafa and T. BulboacăNon-extremal Martingale with Brownian Filtration

  58. Some Results on Generalized Mean Nonexpansive Mapping in Complete Metric Spaces. A. A. Mebawondu, C. Izuchukwu, H. A. Abass, O. T. Mewomo

  59. Common Fixed Point for Multivalued ($\psi$-$G$)-Contraction Mappings in Partial Metric Spaces with a Graph Structure. S. Benchabane, S. Djebali

  60. About Weakly Bézout Rings. H. El Alaoui and H. Mouanis

  61. Some Notes on Randi$\acute{c}$ Index. Ş. Büyükköse and I. N. Cangul

  62. Existence of Weak Solutions for Second-order Boundary-value Problems of Kirchhoff-type with Variable Exponents. I. E. Eskandarkolaei, S. Khademloo, G. A. Afrouzi

  63. Existence of Multiple Solutions for a Nonhomogeneous p-Laplacian Elliptic Equation with Critical Sobolev-Hardy Exponent. A. Matallah and S. Litimein and S. Messirdi

  64. Exponential Growth of Positive Initial Energy Solutions for Coupled Nonlinear Klein-Gordon Equations with Degenerate Damping and Source Terms. A. Ouaoua and M. Maouni

  65. Improved Convergence Ball and Error Analysis of Müller's Method. I. K. Argyros, D. González and H. Ren

  66. On Left and Right West-Stampfli Decomposition. A. Tajmouati, A. El Bakkali and S. Alaoui Chrifi

  67. Irregular Stable Sampling and Interpolation in Functional Normed Spaces. J. A. L. Nicolás

  68. Galerkin Finite Element Method for a Semi-linear Parabolic Equation with Purely Integral Conditions. B. Sihem, O. Taki Eddine and B. Abdelfatah

  69. Non-extremal Martingale with Brownian Filtrationn. S. Samia

  70. Some Metrical $\varphi$-Fixed Point Results of Wardowski Type with Applications to Integral Equations. H. N. Saleh, M. Imdad and W. M. Alfaqih

  71. An Eigenvalue Problem for a Fractional Differential Equation with an Iterated Fractional Derivative. S. Bensebaa

  72. Truncation and Convergence Dynamics: KdV Burgers Model in the Sense of Caputo Derivative. A. Yokus

  73. On the Sequences of Polynomials and Their Generating Functions. A. Messahel and M. Mihoubi

  74. Nonexistence of Solutions of Higher-order Nonlinear Non-gauge Schrödinger Equation. A. Alsaedi, B. Ahmad, M. Kirane and A. Nabti

  75. Stability Analysis of the High-order Multistep Collocation Method for the Functional Integral Equations with Constant Delays. P. Darania and S. Pishbin

  76. The Lack of Polynomial Stability to Mixtures with Memory. L. H. Alejandro Aguilar, J. E. Muńoz Rivera and P. Gamboa Romero

  77. A Multiplicity Result to a Class of Schrödinger Equations with Multi-singular Points. K. B. Ardeshiri, S. Khademloo and G. A. Afrouzi

  78. The Spectral Polynomials of Two Joining Graphs: Splices and Links. F. Celik, U. Sanli and I. N. Cangul

  79. Existence of Solutions for a $p$-Laplacian System with a Nonresonance Condition Between the First and the Second Eigenvalues. S. Dob, H. Lekhal, M. Maouni

  80. Yamabe Solitons on Some Types of Generalized Sasakian Space Forms. A. Sarkar and G. G. Biswas

  81. On a Positive Solutions for $(p,q)$-Laplacian Steklov Problem with Two Parameters. A. Boukhsas, A. Zerouali, O. Chakrone and B. Karim

  82. Nonlinear parabolic systems in Musielack-Orlicz space. A. Ahammou, M. El Moumni and A. El Ouardani

  83. Elastic Membrane Equation with Dynamic Boundary Conditions and Infinite Memory. A. Merah and F. Mesloub

  84. Existence of Homoclinic Solutions for Difference Equations on Integers Via Variational Method. M. Boroun, S. Heidarkhani and A. L. A. De Araujo

  85. Cosine Families in GDP Quojection-Fréchet Spaces. R. Ameziane Hassani and A. Blali and A. El Amrani and K. Moussaouja

  86. Solution of an Integro-differential Nonlinear Equation of Volterra Arising of Earthquake Model. S. Salah, H. Guebbai, S. Lemita ans M. Z. Aissaoui

  87. Fuzzy Hyers-Ulam-Rassias Stability for Generalized Additive Functional Equations. Z. Zamani , B. Yousefi and H. Azadi Kenary

  88. Zero-divisor Graphs of Small Upper Irredundance Number. K. Louartiti

  89. Investigation Approach for a Nonlinear Singular Fredholm Integro-differential Equation. Touati, M.Z. Aissaoui, S. Lemita and H. Guebbai

  90. Existence Results for a Nonlocal Superlinear Problems Involving $p(x)-$Laplacian Near to Zero. A. R. El Amrouss and A. Ourraou

  91. Applications of New Iterative Method to Fractional Non Linear Coupled ITO System. R. Nawaz, S. Farid and S. Bushnaq

  92. Some Topological Properties and Asymptotic Behavior of the Higher Eigencurves for the $p$-Laplacian Operator with Weight. M. Moussaoui, A. Dakkak and O. Chakrone

  93. An Expansion Based on Sine-Gordon Equation to Solve KdV and modified KdV Equations in Conformable Fractional Forms. Ö. E. Hepson, A. Korkmaz, K. Hosseini, H. Rezazadeh and M. Eslami

  94. Coefficient Inequalities for Classes of Univalent Functions Defined by $q-$ Derivatives. M. K. Aouf, A. O. Mostafa and N. E. Cho

  95. The Algebraic Face of the Alexandroff One Point Compactification. L. Marchan and J. Vielma

  96. On a Class of Ikeda-Nakayama Rings. M. El Maalmi and H. Mouanis

  97. Fixed Point Theorems for Modified Generalized F-Contraction in $G$-Metric Spaces. M. Kumar and S. Arora

  98. Construction Of Inverse Curves Of General Helices In The Sol Space $\mathfrak{Sol}^{3}$. T. Körpinar

  99. On the Iterations of Generalized Bi-derivation on Prime Ring. F. Shujat and A.

  100. Willmore Function on Curvatures of The Curve-Surface Pair Under Mobius Transformation. F. E. Kaya

  101. Existence Results for Perturbed Fourth-order Kirchhoff Type Elliptic Problems with Singular Term. A. Ghazvehi and G. A. Afrouzi

  102. Einstein Operations on Fuzzy Soft Multisets and Decision Making. A. Mukherjee and A.K. Das

  103. A Maximization Algorithm of Pseudo-convex Quadratic Functions on Closed Convex Sets in Euclidean Spaces. Y. Jabri, A. Jaddar and M. Taj

  104. Complexity Analysis of Interior Point Methods for Convex Quadratic Programming Based on a Parameterized Kernel Function. N. Boudjellal, H. Roumili and Dj. Benterki

  105. A Modified Fixed Point Method for Biochemical Transport. M. R. Amattouch and H. Belhadj

  106. Constructing and Enumerating of Magic Squares. M. R. Oboudi

  107. Nonlinear Dynamics, Chaos and Control of the Hindmarsh-Rose Neuron Model. R. S. Lima and F. R. Chavarette

  108. Densely Generated $2D$ $q$-Appell Polynomials of Bessel Type and $q$-addition Formulas. M. Riyasat

  109. A New Method for the Sum-Edge Characteristic Polynomials of Graphs. M. S. Oz and I. N. Cangul

  110. On Explicit Evaluation of Ratio's of Theta Function Which is Analogous to Ramanujan's Function $a_{m,n}$. S. Vasanth Kumar

  111. Iterated Function System in $\emptyset-$ Metric Spaces. S. Al-Bundi

  112. Generalized Bézier Curves Based on Bernstein-Stancu-Chlodowsky Type Operators. K. Khatri and V. N. Mishra

  113. A New Class of Higher-order Hypergeometric Bernoulli Polynomials Associated with Hermite Polynomials. Waseem A. Khan

  114. $t$-Extending Krasner Hypermodules. B. N. Türkmen

  115. A generalized Common Fixed Point Theorem in Complex Valued $b-$Metric Spaces. B. Marzouki, N. Makran, A. El Haddouchi

  116. Twisted Hessian Curves over the Ring $\mathbb{F}_{q}[e], e^{2}=e $. E. M. Ben Taleb, A. Chillali, L. El Fadil

  117. Derivatives with Respect to Horizontal and Vertical Lifts of the Deformed Complete Lift Metric $\tilde{G}_{f}$ on Tangent Bundle. H. Çayir and R. C. Akpinar

  118. Some Existence Results on Positive Solutions for an Iterative Second-order Boundary-value Problem with Integral Boundary Conditions. S. Chouaf, R. Khemis and A. Bouakkaz

  119. Cofficient Estimates for a General Subclass of Bi-univalent Functions. K. Hosseinzadeh

  120. Mannheim Offsets of Ruled Surfaces under the 1-Parameter Motions. K. Orbay and T. Şahin

  121. Some Modified Types of Pitchfork Domination and Its Inverse. M. A. Abdlhusein and M. N. Al-Harere

  122. Global Existence and Stability of Solution for a $p$-Kirchhoff type Hyperbolic Equation with Variable Exponents. A. Ouaoua, A. Khaldi and M. Maouni

  123. Spectral Properties of Non-Self-Adjoint Elliptic Differential Operators in Hilbert Space. R. Alizadeh and A. Sameripour

  124. Mathematical Behavior of Solutions of the Kirchhoff Type Equation with Logarithmic Nonlinearity. E. Pışkın and N. Irkıl

  125. Fekete-Szegö Problem for a Subclass of Analytic Functions Associated with Chebyshev Polynomials. M. Çağlar, H. Orhan and M. Kamali

  126. A Spatiotemporal SIR Epidemic Model Two-dimensional with Problem of Optimal Control. K. Adnaoui, A. El Alami Laaroussi and K. Hattaf

  127. Supercyclicity of Multiplication on Banach Ideal of Operators. M. Amouch and H. Lakrimi

  128. General Integral Transform - its Convergence and Consequences. D. Bandyopadhyay

  129. Frequentist Test in Bayesian Two-Stage Designs Applied in Experimental Trials. A. Labdaoui and H. Merabet

  130. On Generalizations of Graded Multiplication Modules. R. Abu-Dawwas, H. Saber, T. Alraqad and R. Jaradat

  131. Some Fixed Point Results and Their Applications on Integral Type Contractive Condition in Fuzzy Metric Spaces. V. Gupta, N. Mani, R. Sharma and A. K. Tripathi

  132. Graded $\delta$-Primary Structures. R. Abu-Dawwas and M. Refai

  133. An Interesting Integral Involving Product of Two Generalized Hypergeometric Function. H. V. Harsh, M. A. Rakha, P. K. Sharma and A. K. Rathie

  134. Existence and Uniqueness Results for a Fractional Differential Equations with Nonlocal Boundary Conditions. S. K. Verma, R. K. Vats and A. K. Nain

  135. Existence, Error estimation, Rate of convergence, Ulam-Hyers stability, Well-posedness and Limit Shadowing Property Related to a Fixed Point Problem. B. S. Choudhury, N. Metiya and S. Kundu

  136. Application of the Dual Space of Gelfand-Shilov Spaces of Beurling Type. A. Qadomi, M. Abu-Dalu, S. Al-Sa'di and H. M. Obiedat

  137. On the Sum of the Powers of $ A_\alpha $ Eigenvalues of Graphs and $ A_\alpha $-energy Like Invariant. S. Pirzada, B. A. Rather, R. Ul Shaban, T. A. Chishti

  138. Characterization on Fuzzy Soft Ordered Banach Algebra. B. Hussein and S. Fahim

  139. Some Type of Separation Axioms in Bornological Topological Space. F. Kamil and B. Hussein

  140. Generalized Multiplicative $\alpha$-skew Derivations on Rings. A. Boua, M. Ashraf and A. Y. Abdelwanis

  141. New Estimates for the Fourier Transform in the Space $\mathrm{L}^{2}(\mathbb{R}^{n})$. M. El Hamma, R. Daher, N. Djellab and Ch. Khalil

  142. $C_0$-semigroups and Local Spectral Theory. H. Boua, M. Karmouni and A. Tajmouati

  143. On Power Integral Bases for Certain Pure Sextic Fields. L. El Fadil

  144. Existence of Entropy Solutions of the Anisotropic Elliptic Nonlinear Problem with Measure Data in Weighted Sobolev Space. A. Abbassi, C. Allalou and A. Kassidi

  145. The Binary Operations Calculus in $H^{2}_{a,d}$. A. Grini, A. Chillali, H. Mouanis

  146. Some Modular Relation on Analogous of Ramanujan's Remarkable Product of Theta-Function. B. N. Dharmendra, M. C. Mahesh Kumar and P. Nagendra

  147. Marshall-Olkin Family of Distributions: Additional Properties and Comparative Studies. Morad A. Ahmad

  148. Cayley Approximation Operator with an Application to a System of Set-valued Cayley Type Inclusions. M. Akram, J.W. Chen and M. Dilshad

  149. On the Existence Solutions for some Nonlinear Elliptic Problem. A. Benkirane, B. El Haji and M. El Moumni

  150. On a Characterization of Commutativity for Prime Rings via Endomorphisms. M. A. Idrissi, A. Mamouni and L. Oukhtite

  151. Wavelets for Nonuniform Non-Stationary MRA on $H^s(\mathbb{K})$. A. Pathak And G. P. Singh

  152. Lacunary Statistical Convergence of Sequences of Complex Uncertain Variables. P. J. Dowari and B. C. Tripathy

  153. Hausdorff Measure of Noncompactness of Matrix Mappings on Certain Difference Sequence Spaces. F. Gökçe

  154. Analytical and Numerical Approach for a Nonlinear Volterra-Fredholm Integro-differential Equation. M. C. Bounaya, S. Lemita, S. Touati and M. Z. Aissaoui

  155. The Continuous Generalized Wavelet Transform Associated with $q$-Bessel Operator. M. M. Dixit, C. P. Pandey and D. Das

  156. A Note on Hermite-based Truncated Euler Polynomials. W. A. Khan, D. Srivastava and R. Ali

  157. Coupled Fixed Point and Best Proximity Point Results Involving Simulation Functions. D. Pari, S. Radenović, M. Muthiah and B. Bin-Mohsin

  158. Complexity Analysis of Interior Point Methods for Convex Quadratic Programming Based on a Parameterized Kernel Function. N. Boudjellal, H. Roumili and Dj. Benterki

  159. Some Fixed Point Theorems in Generalized $M$-Fuzzy Metric Space. B. C. Tripathy, S. Paul and N. R. Das

  160. Existence and Stability Results of the Solution for Nonlinear Fractional Differential Problem. N. Abdellouahab, B. Tellab and Kh. Zennir

  161. A Generalized Common Fixed Point of Multi-Valued Maps in $b$-metric Space. N. Makran, A. El Haddouchi, B. Marzouki

  162. $\tilde{\gamma}$-open Sets and ($\tilde{\gamma}$, $\tilde{\beta}$)-continuous Mappings. D. Saravanakumar and M. Mohamed Riyazdeen

  163. New Spaces Over Modulus Function. A. H. Ganie

  164. Construcción de Aplicaciones Estables de $3$-variedades en $\mathbb{R}^3$. N. B. Huamaní and Catarina M. de J. Sánchez

  165. Stochastic Differential Equations for Orthogonal Eigenvectors of $\left( G,\varepsilon \right) -$Wishart Process Related to Multivariate $G-$fractional Brownian Motion. M. Belksier H. Boutabia and R. Bougherra

  166. Operators in Terms of $*$ and $\psi$. Sk. Selim, T. Noiri, S. Modak

  167. The Fekete-Szegö Estimates for a New Class of Analytic Functions Associated With the Convolution. A. Soni and A. K. Mishra

  168. Blow up Result for a Viscoelastic Plate Equation with Nonlinear Source. S. E. Mukiawa and S. A. Messaoudi

  169. Pricing Cumulative Loss Derivatives Under Additive Models via Malliavin Calculus. M. E. Khalfallah, M. L. Hadji, J. Vives

  170. Stochastic Optimal Control for Dynamics of Forward Backward Doubly SDEs of mean-field Type. N. Berrouis, B. Gherbal and A. Ninouh

  171. Periodic Solutions for a Higher-order p-Laplacian Neutral Differential Equation with Multiple Deviating Arguments. L. Moutaouekkil, O. Chakrone, Z. El Allali and S. Taarabti

  172. Accelerated Extragradient Algorithm for Equilibrium and Fixed Point Problems for Countable Family of Certain Multi-valued Mappings. H. A. Abass and O.T. Mewomo

  173. Stability and Local Attractivity for Non-autonomous Boundary Cauchy Problems. A. Jerroudi and M. Moussi

  174. General Decay for a Timoshenko-type System for Thermoelasticity of Type III with Delay, Past History and Distributed Delay . S. Hamida, S. Zitouni and D. Ouchenane

  175. A Modified Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Space Method for Solving Fuzzy Fractional Integro-differential Equations. S. Hasan, B. Maayah, S. Bushnaq and S. Momani

  176. Ulam's Stability of Conformable Neutral Fractional Differential Equations. M. Ahmad and A. Zada

  177. A New Method for Designing Involute Trajectory Timelike Ruled Surfaces in Minkowski 3-space. M. Bilici

  178. On the Weakly Nilpotent Graph of a Commutative Semiring. J. Goswami and L. Boro

  179. Semi-Fredholm and Semi-Browder Spectra For $C_0$-quasi-semigroups. A. Tajmouati, Y. Zahouan and M. A. Ould Mohamed Baba

  180. Certain Geometric Properties of the Generalized Dini Function $R^{a,k}_{\nu}(z)$. A. Soni, M. Kumar Soni and D. Bansal

  181. Existence and Non-existence of Solutions for a $(p,q)$-Laplacian Steklov System. Y. Oubalhaj, B. Karim and A. Zerouali

  182. Fuzzy Controller and Stabilizer on Random Operators. M. Madadi and R. Saadati

  183. On the Maximum Principle for the Discrete p-Laplacian with Sign-changing Weight. H. Chehabi, O. Chakrone and M. Chehabi

  184. Applying the (1,2)-Pitchfork Domination and Its Inverse on Some Special Graphs. M. A. Abdlhusein

  185. The Existence of Renormalized Solution for Quasilinear Parabolic Problem with Variable Exponents and Measure Data. F. Souilah, M. Maouni, K. Slimani

  186. Graph Modelling of Social Internet of Things $(S-IoT)$ centered Home Automation using Medium Domination Approach. A. Khan and J. Shafi

  187. Global Existence and General Decay of Moore--Gibson--Thompson Equation with not Necessarily Decreasing Kernel. D. Alaeddine

  188. The Ruled Surface Obtained by the Natural Mate Curve. F. Güler

  189. About Weak $\pi$-rings. N. Mahdou and S. Moussaoui

  190. A Topological Approach to Soft Groupoids. G. Oguz

  191. Comparison of C, Java, Python and Matlab Programming Languages for Fibonacci and Towers of Hanoi Algorithm Applications. C. Cubukcu, Z. B. G. Aydin and R. Samli

  192. Common Fixed, Coupled Coincidence and Common Coupled Fixed Point Results in Hyperbolic Valued Metric Spaces. N. Sager and B. Sağır

  193. A Note on the Seidel and Seidel Laplacian Matrices. J. Askari

  194. Consistency of an Infinite System of Third Order Three-Point Boundary Value Problem in the $bv_0$ Space by the Theory of Measure of Noncompactness. N. Sapkota, R. Das and S. Savapondit

  195. New Composition Theorem for Weighted Stepanov-like Pseudo Almost Periodic Functions on Time Scales and Applications. M. Es-saiydy and M. Zitane

  196. Further Results on Strong $\lambda$-statistical Convergence of Sequences in Probabilistic Metric Spaces. P. Malik and S. Das

  197. Symmetricity of Rings Relative to the Prime Radical. D. Roy and T. Subedi

  198. Reliability Estimation of Lomax Distribution with Fuzziness. N. H. Al-Noor

  199. A Generalization of Lucas Sequence and Associated Identities. N. K. Paul and H. K. Saikia

  200. Radial Positive Solutions for (p(x),q(x))-Laplacian Systems. M. Zitouni, A. Djellit and L. Ghannam

  201. Asymptotically Lacunary $\mu$-Statistical Equivalence of Generalized Difference Sequences in Probabilistic Normed Spaces. R. Haloi, M. Sen and B. C. Tripathy

  202. Behavior of the Isothermal Elasticity Operator with Non-linear Friction in a Thin Domain. Y. Kadri, H. Benseridi, M. Dilmi and A. Benseghir

  203. The Existence of One Solution for Impulsive Differential Equations via Variational Methods. Z. Rouhani and G. A. Afrouzi

  204. On Exponential Stabilization of a Nonlinear Neutral Wave Equation. A. Kelleche and A. Berkani

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