Boletim da Sociedade Paranaense de Matemática

3º Série. Vol. 37, 1, 2019.                  ISSN-0 037-8712 (PRINT) - ISSN-2175-1188 (ONLINE)

Research Articles

  1. Common Fixed Point Theorems for Generalized G-η-χ- Contractive Type Mappings With Applications. M. Kumar and S. Araci

  2. New Forms of μ-Compactness With Respect to Hereditary Classes. A. Qahis

  3. Nearly I-Continuous Multifunctions. C. Arivazhagi and N. Rajesh

  4. Numerical Computations of the PCD Method. A. Tahiri

  5. Generalized Rough Lacunary Statistical Triple Difference Sequence Spaces In Probability Of Fractional Order Defined By Musielak-Orlicz Function. S. Debnath and N. Subramanian

  6. A Note on Mathematical Structures S. Modak and T. Noiri

  7. W1,N Versus C1 Local Minimizer For a Singular Functional with Neumann Boundary Condition. K.Saoudi

  8. H(i) Connected Ditopological Texture Space. A. K. Saw and B. C. Tripathy

  9. Numerical Investigation of Nanofluid Turbulent Flow in a Wavy Channel With Different Wavelengths, Amplitudes & Phase Lag. T. Tavangar, A. Ramiar, R. Mohammadyari, A. Arya et al

  10. The Maximal Subgroups of Sylow Subgroups and the Structure of Finite Groups. C. Li, X. Zhang, J. Huang

  11. Some Quantum f-divergence Inequalities for Convex Functions of Self-adjoint Operators. A. Taghavi, V. Darvish, H. M. Nazari and S. S. Dragomir

  12. Soft Ideal Topological Space and Mixed Fuzzy Soft Ideal Topological Space. M. J. Borah and B. Hazarika

  13. On a Generalization of Prime Submodules of a Module over a Commutative Ring. H. F. Moghimi and B. Z. J. Abadi

  14. Some Generating Functions and Properties of Extended Second Appell Function. Rakesh K. Parmar and Sunil Dutt Purohit

  15. Further Generalization of the Extended Hurwitz-Lerch Zeta Functions. R. K. Parmar, J. Choi and S. D. Purohit

3º Série. Vol. 37, 2, 2019.

Research Articles

  1. On Extended Generalized $\phi $-Recurrent $(LCS)_{2n+1} $-Manifolds. S.K. Yadav, D.L. Suthar and M. Hailu

  2. Existence and Multiplicity Results for a Class of Kirchhoff Type Problems Involving the $p(x)$-Biharmonic Operator. O. Darhouche

  3. On the Stability of a Class of Cosine Type Functional Equations. J. M. Rassias, D. Zeglami and A. Charifi

  4. A Short Note On Hyper Zagreb Index. S. Elumalai, T. Mansour, M. A. Rostami and G.B.A. Xavier

  5. Solutions of Weakened Field Equations in Gödel Space-Time. A. M. Mishra

  6. Almost Slightly $\nu g$-Open And Almost Slightly $\nu g$-Closed Mappings S. Balasubramanian

  7. Dispersive Semiflows on Fiber Bundles. J. Souza and H. Tozatti

  8. Fuzzy Rarely $\alpha$ Continuity. R.Dhavaseelan and S. Jafari

  9. Lower Bounds of Forwarding Indices of Graph Products. M.A. Boutiche

  10. A New Approach to the Study of Fixed Point Theorems for Simulation Functions in $G$-Metric Spaces. M. Kumar and R. Sharma

  11. On Nilpotency Of The Right Singular Ideal Of Semiring. N. Goswami and H. K. Saikia

  12. Triple Almost $\left( \lambda_{m_i}\mu_{n_l}\gamma_{k_j}\right)$ Lacunary Riesz $\chi_{R_{\lambda_{m_i}\mu_{n_l}\gamma_{k_j}}}^{3}$ Sequence Spaces Defined by Orlicz Function. N. Subramanian and A. Esi

  13. The Cesàro Convergence of Triple Chi Sequence Spaces of Fuzzy Real Numbers Defined by a Sequence of Musielak-Orlicz Function. N. Subramanian

  14. On Derivations of Prime and Semi-prime Gamma Rings. L. Kamali Ardakani, B. Davvaz and Shuliang Huang

  15. Some Results on Almost $b$-continuous Functions in a Bitopological Space. D. J. Sarma and S. Acharjee

  16. Corrigendum to the Paper Entitled "A variation on arithmetic continuity". H. Cakalli

3º Série. Vol. 37, 3, 2019.

Research Articles

  1. Derivation on Vinberg rings. G. Lakshmi Devi and K. Jayalakshmi

  2. Game Options Approach in Bankruptcy Triggering Asset Value. A. El hajaji, K. Mokhlis, K. Hilal and L. S. Chadli

  3. Certain Families of Integral Formulas Involving Struve Functions. J. Choi and K.S. Nisar

  4. Second Order Duality for Mathematical Programming Involving $n$-set Functions. J. Dasmahapatra and S. K. Padhan

  5. Existence and Nonexistence Results for Weighted Fourth Order Eigenvalue Problems With Variable Exponent. A. Ayoujil

  6. On the Existence Results for a Class of Singular Elliptic System Involving Indefinite Weight Functions and Asymptotically Linear Growth Forcing Terms G. A. Afrouzi, S. Shakeri and N. T. Chung

  7. Cryptography Based on the Matrices. M. Zeriouh, A. Chillali and A. Boua

  8. The Backward Operator of Double Almost $\left(\lambda_{m}\mu_{n}\right)$ Convergence in $\chi^{2}-$Riesz Space Defined By a Musielak-Orlicz Function. N. Subramanian and A. Esi

  9. On the Paranormed Space $\mathcal{M}_{u}(t)$ of Double Sequences. F. Basar and H. Çapan

  10. On New Applications of Fractional Calculus. S. Jain and P. Agarwal

  11. Ricci Almost Solitons and Gradient Ricci Almost Solitons in $(k,\mu)$-paracontact Geometry. U. C. De and K. Mandal

  12. Certain Results on Generalized $(k,\mu)$-contact Manifolds. P. Majhi and G. Ghosh

  13. The Funk-Hecke Formula, Harmonic Polynomials, and Derivatives of Radial Distributions. R. Estrada

  14. An Inverse Problem for One-dimensional Diffusion Equation in Optical Tomography. M. ADDAM

  15. Polynomial Affine Translation Surfaces in Euclidean 3-Space. H. Gün Bozok and M. Ergüt

3º Série. Vol. 37, 4, 2019.

Research Articles

  1. Tauberian Conditions Under Which Statistical Convergence Follows From Statistical Summability $(EC)_{n}^1$. N. L. Braha and Ismet Temaj

  2. Composition Operators on Hilbert Spaces of Sequences. Naim L. Braha

  3. Semigroup Ideals and Generalized Semiderivations of Prime Near Rings. Asma Ali, Abdelkarim Boua and Farhat Ali

  4. Riesz Almost Lacunary Triple Sequence Spaces Of $\Gamma^{3}$ Defined By a Musielak-Orlicz Function. N. Subramanian, N. Rajagopal and P. Thirunavukarasu

  5. Notes on the Higher Derivations of Prime Rings. Mehsin Jabel Atteya

  6. Characterization of Weighted Function Spaces In Terms of Wavelet Transforms S. Sharma, D. Lhamu and S. K. Singh

  7. Coefficient Inequalities For A Class Of Analytic Functions Associated With The Lemniscate Of Bernoulli. Trailokya Panigrahi and Janusz Sokól

  8. Linear Representation Of a Graph. E. Montenegro V., E. Cabrera A., J. González C. and R. Manríquez P.

  9. Inclusion And Equivalence Relations Between Absolute Nörlund And Absolute Weighted Mean Summability Methods. Amjed Zraiqat

  10. Fuzzy $m$-Structures, $m$-Open Multifunctions And Bitopological Spaces. B. C. Tripathy and S. Debnath

  11. Arithmetic Convergent Sequence Space Defined By Modulus Function. Taja Yaying and Bipan Hazarika

  12. Approximation Properties of $(p,q)$-Variant Of Stancu-Schurer Operators. A. Wafi, N. Rao and Deepmala

  13. Global Solutions To Nonlinear Second Order Interval Integrodifferential Equations By Fixed Point In Partially Ordered Sets. R. Alikhani and F. Bahrami

  14. Some Properties Of a Class of Analytic Functions. Neng Xu and R. K. Raina

  15. Multiple Solutions For a Quasilinear Schrödinger System of Kirchhoff Type With Critical Exponents. M. Massar, A. Hamydy and N. Tsouli

3º Série. Vol. 38, 1, 2020.

Research Articles

  1. On Bäcklund and Ribaucour Transformations for Hyperbolic Linear Weingarten Surfaces. Claudiano Goulart

  2. Approximation Properties of Modified Srivastava-Gupta Operators Based on Certain Parameter. Alok Kumar and Vandana

  3. Cauchy Representation of Fractional Fourier Transform for Boehmians. A. Singh and P.K. Banerji

  4. Existence of Solution for Nonlinear Fourth-order Three-point Boundary Value Problem. Z. Bekri and S. Benaicha

  5. Oscillation Criteria for Generalized Liénard Type System. T. Kasbi, V. Roomi and A. J. Akbarfam

  6. Hermite-Hadamard Type Inequalities for Generalized Convex Functions on Fractal Sets Style M. Tomar, P. Agarwal and J. Choi

  7. Lacunary Statistical and Lacunary Strongly Convergence of Generalized Difference Sequences in Intuitionistic Fuzzy Normed Linear Spaces. Mausumi Sen and Mikail Et

  8. Generalized Contraction Mappings of Rational Type and Applications to Nonlinear Integral Equations. J. R. Morales, E.M. Rojas and R.K. Bisht

  9. Variational Analysis to Fourth-order Impulsive Differential Equationsg. S. Shokooh

  10. Note on $p_1$-Lindelöf Spaces Which are not Contra Second Countable Spaces in Bitopology. S. Acharjee, K. Papadopoulos and B. C. Tripathy

  11. On Some Variant of a Whittaker Integral Operator and its Representative in a Class of Square Integrable Boehmianss. S. K. Q. Al-Omari

  12. On Primitive $\mathbb{Z}_p$-algebra. Ameer Jaber

  13. Some Results on the Projective Cone Normed Tensor Product Spaces Over Banach Algebras. Das, Goswami and Mishra

  14. Construction For Fluid Flows Of Tangent Spherical Indicatrix By Flows. Talat Körpinar and Vedat Asil

  15. Invariant Einstein Metrics on Generalized Flag Manifolds of $Sp(n)$ and $SO(2n)$. L. A. Alves and N. P. Da Silva

3º Série. Vol. 38, 2, 2020.

Research Articles

  1. A New Generalization of Confluent Hypergeometric Function and Whittaker Function. N.U. Khan, T. Usman and M. Ghayasuddin

  2. Smarandache Curves for Spherical Indicatrix of the Bertrand Curves Pair. Süleyman Senyurt, Yasin Altun and Ceyda Cevahir

  3. One Sided Generalized $(\sigma,\tau)$-derivations on Rings. Evrim Guven

  4. On Fully-Convex Harmonic Functions and their Extension. Shahpour Nosrati and Ahmad Zireh

  5. Convergence of Approximate Solution of Mixed Hammerstein Type Integral Equations. M. Nosrati Sahlan

  6. R-prime Numbers of Degree k Abdelhakim Chillali

  7. Convergence of a Series Leading to an Analogue of Ramanujan's Assertion on Squarefree Inetegers. G. Sudhaamsh Mohan Reddy, S. Srinivas Rau and B. Uma

  8. Regular Classes Involving a Generalized Shift Plus Fractional Hornich Integral Operator. Rabha W. Ibrahim

  9. Existence of Solution of Urysohn Integral Equation Through Generalized Contractive Mapping. O. P. Chauhan, D. Singh, V. Joshi, M. S. Rathore

  10. New Characterization of $\mathcal{D-}$ Focal Curves in Minkowski 3-space. Talat Körpinar, Selcuk Basr and Vedat Asil

  11. On Euler Type Integrals Involving Extended Mittag-Leffler Functions. E. Mittal, S. Joshi, R. M. Pandey

  12. Invariants of First Order Partial Differential Equations. Lizandro Sanchez Challapa

  13. Almost Semicontinuous Multifunctions via Ideals. R. Saritha and N. Rajesh

  14. On a Nonlinear System Arising in a Theory of Thermal Explosion. S.H. Rasoul

  15. Existence of Three Solutions to the Discrete Fourth-order Boundary Value Problem with Four Parameters. M.Ousbika and Z. El Allali

Articles in Press

  1. Stabilities and Non-stabilities of the Reciprocal-nonic and the Reciprocal-decic Functional Equations. A. Bodaghi, B. V. Senthil Kumar and J. M. Rassias

  2. Tarig Projected Differential Transform Method to Solve Fractional Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations. M. Bagyalakshmi and G. SaiSundarakrishnan

  3. Serret-Frenet Formulas for Octonionic Curves. Ö. Bektaş and S. Yüce

  4. Spectral Mapping Theorem for $C_0$-Semigroups of Drazin Spectrum. Abdelaziz Tajmouati and Hamid Boua

  5. Approximate Essential Character Amenability of Banach Algebras. B. Shojaee

  6. Nonresonance Conditions on the Potential for a Nonlinear Nonautonomous Neumann Problem A. Sanhaji and A. Dakkak

  7. Iterated Function Systems: Transitivity and Minimality. Parham, Ghane and Ehsani

  8. Some Novel Newton-Type Methods for Solving Nonlinear Equations. M. Bisheh-Niasar and A. Saadatmandi

  9. Approximation of the Jensen Type Rational Functional Equation by a Fixed Point Technique. B. V. Senthil Kumar and A. Bodaghi

  10. On the M-hypercyclicity of Cosine Function on Banach Spaces. A. Tajmouati, A. El Bakkali and A. Toukmati

  11. Variations on Statistical Quasi Cauchy Sequences. H. Cakalli

  12. A Topological Conjugacy of Invariant Flows on Some Class of Lie Groups. A. J. Santana and S. N. Stelmastchuk

  13. Fixed Points of Multivalued Contractions Via Generalized Class of Simulation Functions. Deepesh Kumar Patel

  14. Error Analysis of the Numerical Solution of the Benjamin-Bona-Mahony-Burgers Equation. M. Zarebnia and R. Parvaz

  15. Elliptic Curves Over the Ring R. A. Boulbot, A. Chillali, A. Mouhib

  16. Unified Common Fixed Point Theorems in Complex Valued Metric Spaces Via an Implicit Relation With Applications. W.M. Alfaqih, M. Imdad and F. Rouzkard

  17. Multiplicity Results for Kirchhoff Type Elliptic Problems with Hardy Potential. M. Bagheri and G. A. Afrouzi

  18. New Approach for Accelerating Nonlinear Schwarz Iterations. N. Nagid and H. Belhadj

  19. Infinitely Many Solutions for Nonlocal Problems with Variable Exponent and Nonhomogeneous Neumann Condition. S. Heidarkhani, A. L. A. De Araujo and A. Salari

  20. Operational Shifted Hybrid Gegenbauer Functions Method for Solving Multi-term Time Fractional Differential Equations. N. Seyedi and H. Saeedi

  21. A Posteriori Error Estimates for the Generalized Overlapping Domain Decomposition Method for Parabolic Equation With Mixed Boundary Condition S. Boulaaras, K. Habita and M. Haiour

  22. On the Capitulation of the $2$-ideal Classes of the Field $\mathbb{Q}(\sqrt{p_1p_2q}, i)$ of Type $(2, 2, 2)$. A. Azizi, A. Zekhnini and M. Taous

  23. The Distance From the Holomorphically Decomposable Fredholm Spectrum. A. Tajmouati, A. El Bakkali and M.B. Mohamed Ahmed

  24. A Study on a Class of Modified Bessel - Type Integrals in a Fréchet Space of Boehmians. S. K. Q. Al-Omari

  25. The Maximum Norm Analysis of a Nonmatching Grids Method for a Class of Parabolic Equation. S. Boulaaras, M.C. Bahi, M. Haiour and A. Zarai

  26. On Sextic Integral Bases Using Relative Quadratic Extention. M. Sahmoudi and A. Soullami

  27. Separated and State-Constrained Separated Linear Programming Problems on Time Scales. R. Al-Salih and M. Bohner

  28. Multiple Solutions for a Critical $p(x)$-Kirchhoff Type Equations. N. Tsouli, M. Haddaoui and EL. M. Hssini

  29. A Note on Super Integral Rings. R. K. Nath

  30. On a Positive Solution for $(p,q)$-Laplace Equation with Nonlinear Boundary Conditions and Indefinite Weights. A. Zerouali, B. Karim, O. Chakrone, A. Boukhsas